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The subtleties of genocide

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by: Bakchos
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Adolf Hitler, Pol Pot and Joseph Stalin were at best clumsy amateurs when it came to genocide.

If a political group wants to rid itself of a troublesome ethnic minority, the most efficient method is to alienate the target group and then destroy the self-respect and motivation of the group’s members. They will do the rest for you. No guns or chemical weapons are required.

Initial, subtle victimization and alienation of the target group from the rest of society is the starting point. A propaganda campaign portraying them as pathetic drunkards, child molesters, and pornographers requiring immediate remedial action by way of military intervention is an excellent device, further alienating the target and undermining whatever sympathy there might have been in the dominant culture.

If the target group has an ancient culture with connections to remote outback areas, the job is so much easier. No witnesses to testify to the deliberate destruction of one culture for the benefit of another.

Academics will rush to assist the campaign. Research grants will assist them to write endless papers on the subject. Emphasizing the target’s addiction to the corrosive influence of welfare and unemployment, resulting in reliance on outside assistance helps to shift the focus from corporate greed and political corruption, making the victims seem like the enemies.

It’s necessary to stifle public discussion that may challenge the destructive agenda. An excellent propaganda technique is to take a catchall word such as “racism”, to re-define its emotive terms so that the negative implications of the epithet ‘racist’ sit with the target of oppression rather than the aggressors.

Now most of the elements of the genocide plan are in place. A large number of the group are in exile in remote locations where there are no jobs, no freedom of movement and any pride in culture that remained is being drained by the constant negative propaganda of the dominant culture.

Soon the group members will build up a feeling of hopelessness. There will be nothing to strive for in life apart from the vague notion of opportunities within the economy of the dominant culture. It’s a notion that many are never able to realize.

As the sense of hopelessness turns to frustration and anger, the group members will most likely turn to alcohol and crime as the only outlets for their frustration.

As the program develops, group members’ health will deteriorate and they will fight among themselves. Hopelessly addicted to alcohol and drugs, the men may beat their wives and abuse their children, reinforcing the justification for the earlier intervention.

To escape the horrific home life, children may roam the streets and begin taking drugs or alcohol or sniffing petrol. It is important to keep the children trapped in this vicious, alienated lifestyle. Paint the entire target culture as being degenerate; primitive is a good word, increasing distance it from the dominant culture and narrowing the opportunities for the target.

After a while the campaign is broadened to include other unwanted groups within society – the poor, the disadvantaged, refugees, foreigners generally. The press and government propaganda will be supported by campaigns to further denigrate the target group(s). The media will claim that the target groups are taking too much from taxpayer funds causing budget deficits and higher taxation. The dominant culture will believe the propaganda and start to hate the outcasts, allowing government through its various tentacles – police, military and welfare agencies – to commit further outrageous attacks against all targets.

As the plan comes to fruition, the first targetted group should begin to disappear, dying from poor nutrition, alcohol induced diseases and disputes. Those that survive can be assimilated, with no need for compensation for stolen assets.

This plan should work well in a country like Russia, but not in an enlightened society like Australia.

Would it?


  1. Nat3ds says:

    Very refreshing to see someone writing on the actual truth of things (especially main stream media). If people could just open their eyes and minds instead of thinking the talking box can’t be wrong, maybe, just maybe some of the real issues in this country may be addressed. Will be no breath holding.

    • Bakchos says:

      Thank you again for your kind words of support. Blakandblack is about offering alternate views that are factual and relevant. If enough people listen, perhaps in some little way, a difference can be made. Cheers Bakchos

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