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Justice Alabama Queensland style

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by: Bakchos
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Anna Bligh you’re a disgrace, a racist and potentially a war criminal! Yes, you the Premier of the rotten state. You know when I worked in PNG in the 90s the Yanks up there often quipped that:

“PNG’s biggest problem is that there are too many Queenslanders here”

They weren’t wrong. Now that the Queenslanders have by-in-large replaced with Malaysians all the racists have come back to the roost, the Queensland roost that is!

UNKNOWN POLICE OFFICER: …But be very careful with a firearm, it may be the case that we’ll have to discharge a few … rounds in the air to scare the shit out of these ….

Well Anna where do you think this quote comes from?

  1. 1960s Alabama; or
  2. 2004 Queensland.

Ya got it in one, it’s the State you manage (if that is the appropriate word for it), Queensland, the place to be if you’re an Aborigine in the 21st Millennium. Well, only if you want to be burnt on a cross by a bunch of cowards wearing pillow cases over their heads, or better still just kicked to death by the KKK in blue; much simpler that way and we don’t offend those god fearin’ Christian folk up north, where according to Bob Katter there ain’t any gay boys! Well Bob, you better not bend over in the street if you drop your wallet, just in case, there are that is!

Sorry for my little segue. Now it’s back to the KKK:

UNKNOWN POLICE OFFICER: …You gotta take your glock… They’re chuckin’ … fair dinkum into the station… They just smashed all the windows.

So Anna, a black fella chucks a rock, so we shoot him with our glocks. Ah, a proportionate and well considered response, don’t you think? No, only kiddin’ again, but hey I’m a blak fella, always dodging them glock rounds, when I’m up north in gods own country, I am.

Where was I, ah yes Cameron Doomadgee vs. Senior Sergeant Chris Hurley. What’s the score? Doomadgee’s dead, Hurley compensated and his mates given bravery awards. Sounds like three to the white establishment and nil to Indigenous Australia. But it gets better, Senior Sergeant Chris Hurley of the Queensland Police Force will not be charged over the bashing death of Mr. Doomadgee. See a kickin’ always better than the pillow case method!

And from Alf Lacey the Mayor of Palm Island we have:

We’re six years on and not one officer has been disciplined or dealt with in terms of this whole matter. It’s one of the most saddest chapter(s) within Queensland history since colonisation.

Alf mate, I could not have put it better myself. So Anna, what are you and your pillow case wearing police force going to do about “one of the most saddest chapter(s) within Queensland history since colonisation”? Bugger all, at a guess!

Why Anna, why? Because you still view us as being somehow sub-human, too far down the evolutionary chain to worry about? Or perhaps you’re still waiting for us to die out completely. Nah, it ain’t gonna happen, so you better get use to your neighbours being black fellas while kickin’ ya ‘bovver boys’ in blue into line.

Anna, you know its actions like this that bring Australia into disrepute and weaken our moral position when we ‘reprimand’ China for not playing nicely. Next time someone suggests to you that Australia is not a racist country might I humbly suggest that you refer them to the resources page of blakandblack.com.

Well Anna don’t ya just love spreadin’ the joy? I know I do!

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