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Some support from the inside

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by: Bakchos
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Following are two comments I received today in reference to my most recent article The ALP and AFP corruption. I have included them as a separate article, because they support the statements I have been making about the extent of racism and corruption in the public service in Canberra.

Blondcat is the sobriquet used by a former collegue from my public service days. Claire is also a former colleague, who has provided me with a statement in support of my application to the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights outlining her knowledge of, and experiences with, racism in the public service.

Both comments are self-explanatory. I have deleted certain names from both for legal reasons. I have kept full copies of the originals along with the IP addresses. It is worth noting that one IP address originated from a NSW Government Department server.

Comment from Blondcat:


Some more words of support from those who support from afar what you are trying to achieve. While I can’t comment about everything in this post, I don’t know all of the details, I do know that [name removed by moderator] ACT Government Solicitor advised [name removed by moderator] the current [details removed by moderator] to suppress the correspondence with the Chief Minister mentioned in the letter from the Ombudsman, which you have linked to this post. More importantly I can confirm that Mr. Glen Gaskell gave a copy of that correspondence to Constable Penfold of the AFP as part of their investigation. The AFP seems to have suppressed that information.

I can also confirm that I saw the correspondence referenced in the Ombudsman’s letter at ACT Treasury and that it brought into question the integrity of [name deleted by moderator] as well as others. [Name deleted by moderator] of the ANAO is also aware of the missing monies that went to the ALP.

You should also recall that Mr. Robert Lewis has provided a statement to the AFP stating that he assisted in drafting the PID on the [deleted by moderator for legal reasons] Project. You seem to have deleted the reference to this project in the letter from the Ombudsman.

Also, Ms. Meredith Whitten, former Director Corporate Services, ACT Treasury, has in the past confirmed to the AFP that the letter she wrote about [name deleted by moderator] gaining unauthorised access to ACT Treasury staff files was genuine. This tends to support your allegations about the missing money.

More importantly don’t forget that under cross examination from Mr. Grant, Mr. Marina confirmed that there was a terms of reference for an investigation into the  allegations of fraud in his area. This is the investigation that Mr. Harris references in his letter dated 4 July 2003: “…the matters you raised were subject to a separate investigation…” cited in the Ombudsman’s letter dated 26 June attached to this post.

That members of your family have been racially attacked by the ALP and AFP over this incident, I can also confirm.

Happy to provide a sworn statement.

All the best in the UN.


Comment from Claire:

Hello Mark,

We worked together at the Attorney-General’s many years ago, I’m still with the PS. I know along with many others that [name deleted by moderator] of the AFP helped hid the evidence implicating [name deleted by moderator] and others in the theft you mention in this post. I was at HREOC when the first complaint about [name deleted by moderator] was made to HREOC. I can confirm that ACT Treasury interfered with that complaint to stop the embarrassment and issues about money coming out.

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