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The Australian Federal Police spark racial hatred in Australia!

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by: Bakchos
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A WOMAN charged by counter-terrorist police with plotting a bomb attack was allegedly directed by her boyfriend – a jail inmate serving 22 years for the execution-styled killing of a drug rival.

Jill Courtney was arrested and charged with conspiracy to murder, following a series of joint federal and state police raids in Sydney’s south-west on Friday.

Appearing in Parramatta Local Court yesterday, the 26-year-old Casula woman did not apply for and was formally refused bail, meaning prosecutors were not required to put forward allegations against her.

However, detectives are expected to claim Courtney had obtained information on how to construct an explosive device and contacted a number of people.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, detectives said Courtney appeared to have been acting on behalf of her boyfriend, 28-year-old Lithgow jail inmate Hassan Kalache.

(SMH March 26, 2006 Bizarre plot to bomb Sydney)

This grandstanding by the Australian Federal Police in Parramatta in 2006 came back to ‘bite them on the arse’ in 2008 when Justice Peter Hidden of the NSW Supreme Court directed the jury to acquit her and Kalache.

He said the only evidence of a ”combination” between them were the phone calls. But that evidence was ”deficient” and the content of the calls could never have risen ”above the level of suspicion”.

He also said he was satisfied it had not been reasonable to institute the proceedings and awarded costs to Ms. Courtney.

In the aftermath of her trial and after having been held on remand for nearly two years from March 25, 2006 to February 29, 2008, Ms. Courtney through her lawyer Brett Galloway said that she is “still suffering from her ordeal and could not work.”

Courtney is suing the state of NSW, the Commonwealth of Australia and Duncan Glenn Tchakalian, an Australian Federal Police agent who was involved in her arrest.

In a statement of claim lodged in the Supreme Court Ms. Courtney claims that her arrest in 2006 was ”without justification or reasonable excuse and was motivated by malicious intent’‘. She is suing for false arrest and imprisonment.

Without justification or reasonable excuse

Following her arrest and false imprisonment at the hands of the Australian Federal Police, Ms. Courtney suffered the further indignity of being labeled:

“…a very stupid young woman. You just threw your life away (including converting to islam) so he could carry out his jihad….and why would you want to marry a murderer anyway? You are a full fledged idiot. Now you can spend YOUR youth in a prison cell”.

Followed by comments on the same site such as:

 “On a related note, I think Australia is one of the few nations that is actually fighting muslim fascists in their country and there are public uprisings against this foreign occupiers who only create crime and terrorism. I really want to see what reaction this will create in Australia. Will there be demands for exporting all muslims, especially those who are there illegally? This would be a great precedent for other countries if it is accomplished successfully. It is about time to deport all muslims that are here illegally, since that can clearly be done under the spirit of the law.”

These comments appeared on a blog called Jihad Watch which is affiliated with the David Horowitz Freedom Center, run independently by American author Robert Spencer.

According to the website, a “theology” of violent jihad, which denies non-Muslims equality, human rights and dignity, has been present throughout the history of Islam. Jihad Watch says it is dedicated to bringing public attention to the role this theology plays in the modern world and in modern conflicts. The website also aims at correcting what it sees as popular misconceptions. (Jihad Watch, March 28, 2010. http://www.jihadwatch.org/why-jihad-watch.html. Retrieved April 1, 2010)

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) called Jihad Watch an “Internet hate site” and claimed it is “notorious for its depiction of Islam as an inherently violent faith that is a threat to world peace.”

The Australian Federal Police fit-up a young Aussie woman on trumped up terrorism charges, allow her to be pilloried by international racists and in so doing increase, or potentially increase, the instances of anti-Muslim hatred in Australia, hatred that came to the surface during the 2005  Cronulla race riots. As a government agency, the Australian Federal Police then turn around and argue that they should be given extra funding to fight terrorism.

In AUSPOL, Issue 1 – 2006, Jim Torr, CEO, Australian Federal Police Association argued for an increase in AFP funding because:

“The AFP is now suffering a short-fall of resources.”

In this same year that the Australian Federal Police fitted-up a young Aussie woman on trumped up terrorism charges, in the same year in which Mr. Fred Martens was sentenced to a minimum of 3 years jail for the rape of a 14 year old girl in PNG, a conviction that was eventually overturned by the Queensland Court of Appeal amidst allegations that Australian Federal Police tampered with or concealed evidence in an attempt to pervert the course of justice. In the same year that the Australian Federal Police created a situation where racists within the Australian community were given a free kick at Muslim Australians because of Australian Federal Police corruption or incompetence, they asked the Australian taxpayer to give them even more money, for what? Perhaps so that they can fit-up even more innocent Aussies, both here and in the so called ‘arc of instability’, which the Australian Federal Police themselves may have created to further Australia’s neo-colonial interests in the Asia-Pacific region.

Far from deserving a budget increase, the Australian Federal Police need to be disbanded and replaced by a professional, independent and law abiding police service that will place the ‘rule of law’ above the selfish interests of Australian politicians and business leaders.


  1. Jen says:


    What the AFP are really doing is creating an environment where racism can flourish. It does not really matter if it’s Ms. Courtney or the former Commissioner for ACT Revenue. When the AFP say you are guilty, to the white community you are indeed guilty – even a finding of not guilty does not alter the view of many if not most white Australians. The AFP really need to have a long hard look at themselves. RACISM = CORRUPTION. Jen

  2. Miriam Sinclair says:

    The issues raised on blakandBlack leave me ill ar ease. Australia presents itself to the world as being a true democracy when in fact this is far from the truth. What is more concerning is that Australia seems to be exporting its racism to its near neighbours. Shame Australia, shame.

    If Australlia really did conspire to destabalise East Timor for its own economic gain it would be a crime against humanity. The ‘arc of instability’ is a white Australian invention to justify its neo-colonial intervention into the soverign interests of its neighbours in the name of the might colonial dollar.

    The United States should sever all ties with Australia until it learns to respect indigenous rights.

    My post-Doctral studies are on human rights abuses perpetuated by neo-colonial powers such as Australia. Australia your crimes will not go un published.

  3. Clayton T. says:

    My brother here, [named removed by moderator] (AFP), has been giving me various bit and pieces of information throughout his career in the police force. I know where past friends and foes live and everything about them, due to having a brother in the force. The more information shared the better with access to COPS and other databases used.

    • Bakchos says:

      Thanks for your comments. All of the material that I have collected to date has been obtained legally and is in the public domain in one of the following ways:

      (a) Judgements, court transcripts, subpoenaed material tendered into court evidence;
      (b) Statements that I have personally collected;
      (c) Material that has been provided to me by third parties, including audio and video material. These materials were created by the people who provided them without committing any offence, though the data itself may record the commission of an offence or offences;
      (d) Material that is otherwise in the public domain e.g. newspaper articles, Youtube, academic publications;
      (e) Third party material, which I am still attempting to verify and has, in and of itself, been obtained legally. Material that I cannot verify through independent secondary sources is not published on Blak and Black.

      The primary purpose of the materials I’ve collected is to eventually form the basis of a submission to the United Nations Human Rights Committee. It would not be helpful to my submission to include information that was sourced illegally. Whilst I appreciate that there is a role for organizations such as Wikileaks, that is not a path that I intend to tread.

      It would be inappropriate to have or view materials that were sourced improperly from a police service or government agency. If victims of police corruption wish to add their stories to those I have already collected, I would be more than happy to meet with them. However, I would be looking for primary source material that was legally obtained and independently verifiable.

  4. fannie says:

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  1. Tom Payne says:

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