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Bruce and Bruce split the house

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by: Bakchos
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All in all I have to say that this has been a good week for me on the information gathering circuit. On Monday I came into possession of the Skunky Funk Diaries, yesterday, I came into possession of what I will euphemistically call the Bruce and Bruce correspondence.

My foster father gave me two pieces of sage advice as I was departing from his roof to conquer the world. Firstly, Pillow talk has destroyed many a fine conspiracy and secondly, no slander is too great in an acrimonious divorce. The Bruce and Bruce correspondence as luck would have it came into Blak and Black’s possession through the acrimonious process of splitting the house following the breakdown of a relationship.

One of the problems with Australia’s democracy is the role of the so-called political advisors and chiefs-of-staff for various ministers. Generally these people are nothing more than political party hacks, the real unrepresentative swill of Australia’s democratic processors. While I’m happy to accept that a significant number of commonwealth and state public servants are dedicated and professional career officials, the same can’t be said of the ministerial political advisor.

The Bruce and Bruce correspondence is nothing less than the pillow talk of two lovers who have undergone the metamorphosing process of an acrimonious split. The correspondence itself, or that portion that is of interest to us at Blak and Black, details how one of the Bruce’s a former ministerial advisor and chief-of-staff, dictated the outcome of a police enquiry for his own personal and vindictive reasons.

The reason for our interest in the Bruce and Bruce correspondence at Blak and Black is that the subjects canvassed in it, traverse an issue that I have been banging on about for some time on Blak and Black. The correspondence touches on the issues of institutionalized racism and the politicisation of the Australian Federal Police. What is of even more concern, is that, in the matter discusses in the Bruce and Bruce correspondence, that is of interest to Blak and Black, the party leading the Australian Federal Police by the nose wasn’t the minister in person, but rather their so called political advisor.

A British based QC who has been advising me on how to progress my matters to the United Nations, expressed total dismay when he read the Bruce and Bruce correspondence. Noting especially, the implications it has for Australia’s law enforcement and political processors.

In a nutshell the Bruce and Bruce correspondence which is in the form of original letters, written between two lovers, in their own hands, discuss actions the Australian Federal Police are going to take against a third party, a person who was not liked by one of the Bruce’s. The thing that should be of concern to all Australians is that the actions discussed were actually carried out by the Australian Federal Police and the letters predate the carrying out of these actions, on each count, by several weeks.

This correspondence not only calls into question the legality of the actions taken by the Australian Federal Police against the target of Bruce’s enmity, but also calls into question the integrity of the Australian Federal Police when they place information before a Magistrate requesting a search warrant, which if used inappropriately, can become a potent weapon for the harassment of innocent parties. This correspondence also highlights the power of all police services to commit serious acts of defamation against innocent parties while hiding behind the veil of due process.

In the same manner the NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione insists that all Muslim women must unveil in order to establish their identity. I believe that the Australian public has the right to demand that our police services unveil in order to establish the true identity of the parties pulling the strings.

In an absolute abuse of process which can only be described as corruption, the Bruce and Bruce correspondence discusses how the Bruce, who was a ministerial advisor and Chief-of Staff, was given unfettered access to Australian Federal Police files relating to their investigation into the target of Bruce’s enmity. Further, Bruce dictated to the Australian Federal Police, how they were to carry out their investigation into the target of Bruce’s enmity. Is this justice? I don’t think so!

What I find absolutely disgusting about the Bruce and Bruce correspondence is that an unelected sycophantic political party hack can wield such destructive influence because and only because, of the entrenched racism and corruption that so permeates Australian political and commercial life. What the Bruce and Bruce correspondence shows is that the thin veneer of integrity that hides the true nature of Australian public life has worn very thin indeed.

As promised, I will go back to the Skunky Funk diaries in my next post and the implications they have for due process in this so called democracy all Australians call home. On reflection I’m beginning to think that perhaps the best tool the government has at its disposal to dissuade asylum seekers from making the crossing to Australia is to publish the Shunky Funk Diaries and the Bruce and Bruce correspondence in their entirety. This would allow prospective asylum seekers to Australia to see, in advance, the true nature of the corruption that prevails in the country they want to call home.


  1. Davo says:

    um .. ‘yes, Minister’? ..

    um, long and complicated story, i guess.

  2. Is Bruce ACT or Commonwealth? If ACT and who I think it is I can put you in touch with someone who might be able to provide you with some more information. Send me an email.

  3. A friend from the Canberra islamic community suggested that you give some consideration to the role of GD in all of this including the grievance process that started the whole processing going.

  4. The BHOC suggests that KK might be a potential avenue to further this line of enquiry. From what the BHOC tells me the whole thing was driven by GD for his personal motives and the other party was just a stooge. You don’t have to go too far to find the puppet master

  5. Miriam and Nicola we’re still waiting from an opinion from the QC Karl is paying for. Likewise the PI report is still outstanding. The issue is connecting the racism to the criminal conductand the refusal of the AFP to carry out a proper investigation. Racism is a nasty, nasty business, we may or may not get to the bottom of this one!

  6. Paulo facebook is NOT the forum to discuss these issues in. Yes, we need to wait for the PI report. Rember, all good things come to those who wait!

  7. This whole issue is about racism and the lengths Australian governments will go to in order to stop the public from learning how nasty the public service really is. The other issue that will become public out of this is the extend to which the Australian Federal Police are politicalized. This is bad for all Australians and for people who live whereever the Australian Federal Police operate.

  8. Sam says:


    Yes Minister is way to benign for the Australian Public Service.

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