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Don’t play it again, Sam!

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by: Watershedd
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Ah, Sam, you have really got up my nose. And given that smell contributes roughly seventy percent to taste, I can only say you’ve put me off my food!

How dare you? How dare you presume to speak as a police officer, serving or otherwise, of breaching and belittling the very legal system that every person, citizen, resident or visitor, is entitled to expect will serve them with a just and unbiased view? How dare you, as a person who received his income from the taxes of people such as me, dare to undermine the very constitutional laws and legal torts that form the basis of this country? If the comments you left on Blak and Black are a reflection of how you carried out your role as an AFP officer, I am not only disgusted by you, but disillusioned with the Force.

“You will never get justice from an ALP government so why waste your time …”

Your indication that Bakchos will never realise justice under a Labor Government points to two things. Firstly, that the AFP, in being aware of these issues are gutless and politically driven. They are not independent of the governing bodies and hence, cannot provide unbiased law enforcement within our own borders, let alone in the wider region. Secondly, if the Australian leadership is indeed that corrupt, then it’s time for a new government. If the Liberals are not prepared to deal with this pervasive racism and marginalisation, then they shouldn’t hold the power either. Nor the Greens, nor the Shooter’s Party or whoever. This is the reason that people are expressing dissent and this is what will gradually be the undoing of this country if the powers that be don’t start displaying some backbone and getting on with their jobs, rather than playing at grandstanding and power broking. It is the attitudes of people such as yourself that make the bad apples that allow the racist bullies in positions of power to get away with the very acts that form the basis of the arguments here on Blak and Black.

The role of the police is to enforce the law. No person should be beyond its reach or protection, regardless of their socio-economic position, title or role. In carrying out their role, the police must investigate alleged crimes and collect evidence, protect both victims and accused and serve each with an unbiased attitude. It is the role of the courts to decide on the veracity of any claims made by a victim and/or accused and to determine the veracity of the evidence laid out in court. Once the police take on this role, the division of responsibility becomes blurred and justice ceases to be blind.

“Move on with your life, there is no room for distention [sic] in modern Australia.”

In 1964 and 1965, several students from Sydney University formed the Student Action for Aboriginals group. It’s leader was to become Australia’s first tertiary educated Aborigine and later, the first to hold a permanent position as a head of a Federal Government department. His name was Charles Perkins and he led the Freedom Rides that assisted in exposing the racist attitudes of many Australians. Their search for information led to activism, punctuated by protests and at times, violence. Among those standing by Perkins’ side was a man who would be a greatly respected leader in this country, former NSW Chief Justice James Spigelman. It would seem that two of this country’s greatest leaders disagree with your opinion regarding the place of dissension in the land that we each call home. In fact, their actions in no small part assisted in changing the attitudes and perceptions of many Australians, the subsequent acknowledgement of our indigenous in the 1967 Referendum and the development of their own careers.

“The issue I have with what you are doing is that it is damaging Australia in the eyes of our near neighbors and that you seem prepared to perpetuate this damage even though the AFP are a separate entity to ACT Policing and your issues are with ACT Policing, tot [sic] the AFP.”

As I stated in my original comment, whilst law in the ACT remains under the ultimate control of the Governor General and ACT Policing remains a division of the AFP, the Commonwealth should shoulder ultimate responsibility for the issues raised that occur within the jurisdiction. There is a saying: Don’t do anything you don’t wish to see published on the front page of the newspaper the next day. Well, I guess if Murdoch can be bought off you can get away with a lot more than the average Joe, but the adage still holds true, regardless of the form or readership of the publication.

I object to paying the wages of police who speak an oath that they refuse to uphold and expect MY TAXES to still pay their wage. You are an utter disgrace. In the words of another reader:

“Give me an honest dictator any day!”


  1. Man the pigs really give he the shits. They have no respect, no honour and no concept of what their job is really about. They are power crazed neo-nazi thugs. The AFP are the worst of a bad bunch. That is saying something!

  2. Andy so true. The majority of my clients who suffer from PTSD because of police brutality have developed the disorder because of Australian Federal Police brutality. Corruption and a denial of rights is as much about brutality as giving someone an elbow to the side of the head. Its abuse of power and the AFP, as you say are the worst of a bad bunch!

  3. Just visit Canberra or the NT and you will see for yourself how bad the AFP really are. Talk about corruption and racism. Go for it Watershedd!!!

  4. Bill I totally agree, Watershedd go and get the corrupt bastards. Every day we lose more and more of our rights to corrupt politicians, officials and police. Enough is really enough.

  5. Get the AFP out of the NT please. Thay are corrupt pig, shits who are into anything for a dollar.

  6. The best that I can about sam is that you are a boogan thug.

  7. Ah Watershedd i was told that you are a bit fisety. Yes Helen Sam is a boogan thug, but what is worse, he is also a police officer orat least, was one. As Bakchos said, this is going to be the death of Australia’s democracy!

  8. All’ah be praised for the defiler of the good has raised his wicked head; justice will catch up with the wicked. All’ah is merciful but, is all seeing.

  9. hello Paula, thank you for leaving a comment. The message at Blak and Black is, I think, an important one. All the help we can get in getting it out is appreciated more than you might imagine. Cheers Nicola.

  10. Hello to all and a very warm welcome to Felicity and Paula – glad you could make it.

  11. Thank you Mick – will we see you at church?

  12. I too would like to add my hello and welcome to Paula and Felicity.

  13. Its good to see people commenting about these issues, at last!!!

  14. I guess that I should also add my welcome to Felicity and Paula. Welcome. As to the issue raised by Watershedd, the point is that the police, especially the AFP, seem to think that they are judge and jury. This is not the case, what is worse, they seem to think that they are above the law. THIS IS THE CASE!!!

  15. Hi estelle expression is important though in the case of Sam fuck-wit seems most appropriate, thoughas you say useless fuck-wit might be better.

  16. Anne via Facebook says:

    I cannot express how incensed I am at the comment left by ‘Sam’ or patently obvious collusion between the AFP and ALP his comment demonstrates. What hope have any of us of expecting justice if such an attitude prevails within the rank and file of the police service, let alone our leaders?

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