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by: Bakchos
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Little men with little minds and little imagination go through life in little ruts, smugly resisting all changes which would jar their little worlds. (Zig Ziglar)

The following two comments were received by Blak and Black yesterday in response to Blak and Black’s post “Has the Pacific Islands Forum (“PIF”) become a tool for white neo-colonial interests?”. The first comment was made by someone who identifies himself as “Richard Toms” and who claims to be a police officer. The IP address for this comment traces back to Queanbeyan and would fit with the writer being an Australian Federal Police (“AFP”) officer, though this attribution is uncertain at this stage.

I logged on to your blog after being approached by one of your collogues [sic] wanting my signature on your petition calling for a Royal Commission into the AFP, my question is why? Does anyone really care about what a bomb assed black cunt really thinks? You complain about white genocide against your people. The sooner we get there the better, all you black cunts are nothing more than a waste of space, a drain on hard working, Christian society. It might surprise you to learn that most as you say ‘white’ Australians hate the very ground you black cunts walk on. If you all committed suicide it would save the rest of us the trouble of finishing what was started in 1788.

I joined the police for the very purpose of dealing with you useless black cunts in the most direct way I could think of, at the end of my boot. Shit you people really do look sub-human, which is because you are sub-human; you even make Neanderthals look normal. Every time I see one of you useless black cunts in the street I stop to look for your tails before I lay my size 13 into your useless arses.

Just up and die and do all god fearing Christians a favour [sic].

The second commenter, who backs up the comments made by “Richard Toms”, identifies himself as Paul and who claims to be an employee of Ernst & Young, “Paul’s” demonstrates a command of the written word which on even the most benign analysis is verging on functional illiteracy, which would be in keeping with him being an Ernst & Young employee.

Well hello there you useless abo good for nothing walking dead man. You have certainly caused a stir now haven’t you, useless abo cunt. What are you actually crapping about? Poor abo cunt lost his job. Well that job really belongs to white people not black. The abo should not have been there in the first place, he deserves [sic] what he got. I’m proud to stand up and be counted as one of those Australians who hate you abo cunts. Good on Richard for having the balls to tell you what he thinks, I’m adding my thoufgts [sic] to his. We don’t want your kind in this country, you don’t belong here, go back to where you came from. As someone else has said in relation to you, crawl back into the gins cunt that you crawled out from. Hey cunt, I work for Ernst & Young, I’m proud to say that. Do I care about your bumb [sic] useless blog? Nup, no one does. I can say what I like and nobody cares. I reckon one of my mates in the AFP will gut you before much longer and good ridddence [sic] to you, I say. Won’t need no pillow cases when we come for you because no body [sic] cares we know you about the fat bitch and where she lives. You’ll did [sic] abo shit, you wont [sic] see Christmas, which is for white christians [sic] only.

While I appreciate that there is a view in the world of blogging that one should not feed the trolls and that “Richard Toms” and “Paul” probably give troll’s a worse name, Blak and Black is about exposing this type of entrenched racism, which is so prevalent within the Australian community, to the international community.

While on the topic of exposing Australia’s entrenched racist attitudes to the international community, I wonder if Australia would have been so successful in marketing itself to Britain as a preferred holiday destination if the average Briton knew of the full extent and range of Australia’s racist attitudes to its indigenous population? On this point it is worth considering both the content of and the controversy surrounding the “Where the bloody hell are you?” marketing campaign.

The pillow case wearing gutless wonder from Ernst & Young

Asked in 1898 to choose a single defining event in recent history, the German Chancellor Bismarck replied, “North America speaks English”. (Nicholas Ostler)

Riding the coat tails of an English speaking North America is the Deputy Sheriff with the rusty badge, Australia. If we stop and consider history for a moment and if we imagine that Australia was colonised by the Spanish instead of the English, with the flow on effect that Australia was Spanish rather English speaking, I wonder if the international community would be as tolerant of Australia’s on-going genocide of its indigenous population.

I headed this post “Irony” for a very good reason. “Paul” of Ernst & Young boasts loudly and proudly that, “Wont [sic] need no pillow cases when we come for you because no body [sic] cares”. Apart from his obvious lack of literacy skills, “Paul” exposes himself for the limited intellect that he obviously is. He claims to be “… proud to stand up and be counted as one of those Australians who hate you abo cunts”. Well and good, so “Paul” why don’t you drop your metaphorical pillow case, given that you so proudly boast that you “wont [sic] need no pillow case” and stand up and be counted as an open supporter of the principles that you so obviously cherish – racism, hatred, xenophobia and fear mongering. Why won’t you do this? Well the answer is simple; you’re a little man with a little mind and little imagination who goes through life in little ruts, smugly resisting all changes which would jar your little world.

“Paul” as for your poorly structured comment “we know you about the fat bitch and where she lives” I’m not sure exactly what point you are trying to make here, but I will say that once you resort to personal invective, you’ve lost the argument. While we’re on this poin, “Paul”, if you have an issue with Blak and Black, you deal with me directly; you don’t go around threatening my friends and family. While I’m sure that you and your mate “Richard Toms” are so blasé about your threats and intimidation to me and my friends and family, because you know that the Australian police don’t investigate complaints made by Indigenous Australians against ‘white’ Australians, you shouldn’t assume that the rest of the Australian and international community share those puerile views.

The pillow case wearing gutless wonders from ACT Treasury

“Paul”, in your racist rant you also mention that the “Poor abo cunt lost his job”. I assume that you are referring to the former Commissioner for ACT Revenue who was sacked from his job because of his insistence that ‘white’ Australians hold themselves accountable to the same standards of the ‘rule of law’ to which they seek to hold ‘black’ Australians accountable. If my assumption is correct, then it fits with you being an Ernst & Young employee as it was Ernst & Young Canberra that gave a racist within ACT Treasury unauthorised access to the former Commissioner for ACT Revenue’s Ernst & Young personnel file. The former Commissioner for ACT Revenue has always maintained that his Ernst & Young personnel file was fraudulently altered to derail his application to the Australian Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission complaining about racism at both Ernst & Young and ACT Treasury. “Paul”, I wonder if you are one of the people he was planning to lodge a complaint about?

Like all racists “Paul”, you are gutless. If you really hold these views and are not afraid to show your face, how about we arrange for a face to face debate on the issues to be videotaped and placed on YouTube? It’s about time Ernst & Young’s clients learned what type of people the firm is prepared to call an employee, partner and colleague. Perhaps your so called mates from the Australian Federal Police who want to gut me before Christmas would like to join in the debate as well. Let’s do it “Paul”, sans pillow cases, naturally!

Will you sign the petition calling for a Royal Commission into the Australian Federal Police?


  1. Watershedd says:

    Racist, xenophobic, size-ist. It seems Paul and Richard think their own shit doesn’t stink; could they possibly also be narcissists?

    Attitudes expressed by such as these two commenters are the reason I could never join the police or ADF and the very reason that I am involved with Blak and Black. Daily I see people, good honest Australians who live with others of multi-national multi-cultural backgrounds who deserve more of my time than the extremist Christian Breivik-type attitudes demonstrated in these comments, people who live with greater hardships and illnesses than they deserve. The comments could not have provided a clearer example of why I eschew the structure of religion.

    Paul and Richard, I do not agree that most Australians hold similar views to you and as a white, ex-Catholic Australian of six generations Anglo-Celtic descent, I am fairly sure of those for whom I speak. In fact, I believe most Australians would be appalled and embarrassed by your comment and I’ll be doing my utmost to shine the spotlight on your invective and expose you. You really are a pair of low-life gits. In the words of one of the best Australian bands, “You got nothing I want”.

  2. Paulo I’m not sure that racism is a strong enough word. Can you believe that people still hold these kind of views? There appears to be some mental problems with Paul and Richard.

  3. I’m going to send this link to the EY managing partner. This is a serious case of anti-Aboriginal racism. Not to mention the death threat. It will be interesting to see if racism like this is tolerated by the AFP and EY.

  4. Anne via Facebook says:

    Marie, unfortunately it’s not the first time a death threat has been made. There’s earlier comments from a commenter who identified as PTT .

  5. Paul says:

    That all you got you good for nothing abo piece is shit. [Registration removed by moderator] mean anything to you. We know what case yooi drive, we know where you live. We killed your Montreal dog, your next. Make your will, what do you have a piece of corrugated iron and a flavin of sherry? I’ll be glad when you die, rennet you won’t be here for Christmas abo piece of shit.

  6. What Ernst&Young has done is not only illegal but is in itself a form of racism. It just goes to show how poorly Indigenous Australians are treated in the workplace.

  7. Ernst and Yound are a disgrace, a racist fucking disgrace.

  8. Private sector corruption supporting public sector corruption Shame EY, shame. Actually as Paul Keating would say, this is un-Australian conduct by EY.

  9. Paul your a fucken racist piece of shit.

  10. Paul you are a dick-head and if you really do work for Ernst and Young that firm deserves to go the way of AA and the Dodo. I wonder if Tanya Taylor et el are proud of what they allowed a corrupt racist thug from ACT Treasury get away with. Which team came last in the NSWRL – get my drift!

  11. Paul you are really somebody who should cook for eternity in Hell, you racist pig. Ernst & Young should be ashamed for what they did. Who is Tanya Taylor?

  12. Estelle Dunlop yes Paul is a racist pig and Hell is way to good for him. Let him spend a night at RPA Casualty – see the end results of his racist attitudes. He is a disgrace, the NSW Police force is a disgrace all racists are a disgrace.

  13. Fuck u Paul you good for nothing c@#$

  14. Felicity Keen Tanya Taylor is the Ernst & Young employee who gave shit face access to his bosses personnel file and it would appear allowed documents within that file to be changed so that the ALP and ACT Treasury could get rid of the Commissioner to stop him exposing the fraud, theft and corruption that was going on in ACT Treasury. Yes they can all rot in Hell the racist c@#$%.

  15. There is a Tanya Taylor in recruitment in Sydney, is this the same person?

  16. Anne via Facebook says:

    Entirely agree with you all, but let’s not leave Paul’s mate Richard Toms out of the compliments. If that’s an example of the attitude of even 10% of the police, it’s too many.

  17. Anne via Facebook says:

    Tamara, there are several people sharing the name Tania or Tanya Taylor in that field, even in Sydney.

  18. Anne they are both racist, but this Paul bloke well he is just a fuck head.

  19. Hummmmmmmmmm what can I say that remains unsaid? Paul and Richard you disgust me. Small minds, small dicks, I bet one of you is a past NRL player, paul could your real name be angelic in nature?

  20. Naughty Jen naughty, by the way who is the angelic one. I assumed it was the dick head who played for the wooden spooners, may be not?

  21. Bakchos is a Glass if something happens o him there are an lot of Glasses about!

  22. Mahmud Ahsan via Facebook says:

    What I don’t understand about so called white Australians is how they can hold such stupid and uninformed views and still manage to feed themselves, All’ah be praised for the kindness he shows us, people are people the only thing that should matter is the quality of our souls, everything else is irrelevant.

  23. Paul and Richard so much drivel from the mouths of the puerile. Either demonstrate gumption or butt out what is a serious issue. The true nature and extent of racism in Australia.

  24. Anne via Facebook says:

    Mahmud, you are quite right. In fact, the quality of our souls IS the only thing that matters, regardless of the sect or dogma. Religion becomes worthless in the mouths of such as Paul and Richard. I can appreciate religious ideals, but it is corrupted in the minds of so many who misinterpret the messages to wield power over another.

  25. hamish6 says:

    Cant believe it. There a still people like this around. These guys actually have know idea of their closed worlds. How can one keep such a narrow view, its just not worth a comment really. leave them too rot.

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