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What Civil Liberties Australia has to say about corruption in the AFP

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by: Bakchos
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Pius wrote in ALP corruption, a suicide in the AFP and death threats made against a three year old – Human Rights Australian style about the actions of certain Australian Federal Police (“AFP”) officers who were involved in intimidating a witness to corruption at the highest levels of the Australian Capital Territory Government and the Australian Labor Party. In this post, Pius detailed how two AFP Agents threatened and assaulted Bakchos at his newsagency in Sydney, showing him a picture of a three year old relative taken through the fence at his Kindergarten while ‘advising’ him how easy it is for young children to meet with fatal accidents while leaving pre-school. This was followed by a meeting between Bakchos and two AFP Agents at the Mercantile Hotel in the Rocks in Sydney, where further threats were issued against Bakchos, including a threat to kill.

While some people may thing that this is absolute shite or lunacy, it is worth noting that the AFP Agents involved in these incidents held themselves out to be attached to the ACT Policing Command, which prior to her suicide in April 2007 was headed by AFP Commander Audrey Fagan.

At the same time these incidents occurred, Civil Liberties Australia (“CLA”) published an article titled National capital police operate beyond the law. The National capital police referred to in the CLA article are ACT Policing, the Command of the AFP that Blak and Black has been complaining about, vociferously, in whatever forum becomes available since 2004.

The preamble to the CLA article states that:

The police who rule over Australia’s national capital operate to their own laws in a closed, secretive manner, Dr Kristine Klugman says. They claim they are immune from the ACT Human Rights Act and the Public Disclosure Act, and they refuse to be responsive and communicative with the public and the media, the President of Civil Liberties Australia says.

This is exactly what Blak and Black has been arguing. As stated previously it was members of ACT Policing who were allegedly involved in the assault on Bakchos in 2005 and the threats made on his then three year old relative. It is the same ACT Policing that were involved in the intimidation and threats made against him at the Mercantile Hotel in 2007.

I have reproduced the entire CLA article below. Please note that the CLA article is contemporaneous with the two incidents described by Pius in in ALP corruption, a suicide in the AFP and death threats made against a three year old – Human Rights Australian style and refers to the same police force.

Media release

11 April 2007

ACT Police should not be a law unto themselves

ACT Policing operates like an external power unwilling to abide by the laws and standards of the Territory, the president of Civil Liberties Australia, Dr Kristine Klugman, said today.

She was backing the call by ACT Citizen of the Year and Canberra Times editoratlarge, Jack Waterford, for an independent, external inquiry into the role, contract, operations and failure to communicate of the Territory’s contracted police force.

They must be brought into line, and forced to operate according to ACT laws, such as the Human Rights Act and the Public Disclosure Act at the very least, Dr Klugman said.

“CLA has been calling for more than two years for police reform, but it is not happening – the key is to open up the closed mentality that predominates throughout the force,” she said.

“They are a like a separate force, an occupying power, which has wormed its way into the heart of the ACT fabric, and become largely unaccountable to the government or people.

“They won’t reveal basic information to the public or the media, they won’t answer reasonable questions in a timely or open way, and they hold themselves out to be above the laws which apply to every other ACT citizen.”

For example, Dr Klugman said, ACT Policing believe they are above:

• the ACT Human Rights Act?

• the ACT Public Disclosure Act? and even

• the federal requirement to have senior departmental personnel on AWAs.

“They are literally a law unto themselves,” she said.

“Police Minister Corbell – with the support of the Liberal Opposition and the Greens – should formally instruct ACT Policing that they must abide by all ACT laws.

“If they were obliged to report under the Public Disclosure Act, which binds the other ACT entities, any alleged corruption and similar wrongdoing would have to be made public.

“Instead, they can hide because they claim the Public Disclosure Act doesn’t apply to ACT Policing…just like they claim that the ACT Human Rights Act does not apply to them.

“This situation is an intolerable nonsense: you must have your police force governed and abiding by local laws as fundamental as those relating to human rights and corruption.

“The ACT Government must act to bring this out of control police force into line.

“Longer term, there is a significant question mark over whether the Australian Federal Police should win the contract to supply police services to the ACT, or whether the contract should go to another police force,” Dr Klugman said.

There you have it readers, you don’t just have to accept my word and the words of Pius, Phil Hart, Darren Bloomfield, Ms King, Angelique, and the numerous other people who have provided me with statements about corruption in ACT Policing, which was and remains a command of the AFP, you can now read about it directly from Civil Liberties Australia.



  1. You lrft my name of the list. There are as Bakchos has said many, many others who have sufferred racism at the hands of ACT Policing. What Bakchos and others including me have been saying is excatly what CLA said, so why is nobody taking us seriously?

  2. Cuz the answer is simple we’re black and the people who do these things to us are white. There is no justice in Australia for Aborigines.

  3. Hey I’ve known Bakchos since he was a bub, he along with many other blacks has been a victim of white racism. I personally know of three other blacks including Uncle Billy who only has one leg who have been racially abused and bashed by ACT Policing. Talk about corrupt. Ask the bastards what FIDO means. Is that a law enforcement term?

  4. It will be interesting to see where this all goes. No where would be my guess, though if enough people push it long enough we might just get a break through. If not it will prove that there is no justice in Australia if you are black.

  5. What has changed in ACT Policing since 2007? Nothing absolutly nothing. The ACT Government is corrupt, ACT Policing is corrupt. Canberra should have a sign that reads Canberra Corrupt – black fellas not welcome.

  6. Yes Bakchos you don’t have the only voice speaking out about corruption in the AFP. The CLA article is informative both in it’s own right and in the fact that the issues it raises are contempoary with what happened to you and your family. Death threats, whether serious or not made by a police officer against a three year old are totally unacceptable. If it were you or I making those threats we would be in jail now. There is more about what happened to Fagan than the public knows.

  7. Tom there are a number of unanswered questions about ACT Policing, Bakchos and the ALp. They have their views and Bakchos Glass has his. The problem is that the Commonwealth Ombudsman says things were in ACT Treasury and then they disappeared. Who gained from that? The ALP. Remember Stanhope after Fagan’s death saying that all the Senior Executives in the ACT Govt. knew her. Remember also that the ACT Govt. and the ALP gained if the Commissioner went down. What exchanged between Fagan and Anty Isabell, that is very telling about what was going on between the ACT Govt, the ALP and the AFP concerning the former Commissioner. It was not only racist it was an absolute abuse of process amounting to criminal conduct.

  8. CLA should be considered to be beyong reproach, what has been done since 2007 about their media release? Nothing at a guess. So they fitted-up the former Commissioner on behalf of the ALP, the bashed bakchos for complaining about it, they threatened a three year old child, CLA puts out a media release saying they are corrupt and nothing happens. As Bakchos Glass said, Human Rights Australian style.

  9. The AFP really need to clean up their act!

  10. Now most people in CLA are white, I suspect that the word of a ahitefella will be taken over that of a blackfella, its called racism afterall. Not to put to fine a point on it, the AFP need to be brought to account ASAP.

  11. Mahmud Ahsan via Facebook says:

    At least some other organisation can see through AFP lies and corruption.

  12. U can’t get away with corruption 4 ever, the AFP should remember that political and community accountability will catch up with them eventually.

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