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Why Australia should not be rewarded with a seat on the UN Security Council

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by: Bakchos
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My apologies for my tardiness in updating Blak and Black over the last week or so, I’ve been reviewing evidence with a former colleague and equally concerned citizen relating to the alleged theft of $130,000,000.00 from the ACT Home Loan Portfolio (“Portfolio”) and its laundering through a Sydney ‘massage parlour’. Also, this will be the last post for a few days as Blak and Black is migrating to a more secure host. Over the last few weeks Blak and Black has been bombarded with attempts to bring the site down. An IT security consultant, who is a former colleague, has investigated the IP addresses the attacks purportedly came from and has determined that they all originated from within the ACT. In fact, they originated from the same IP address that the threats made by ‘Paul’ originated from. Why someone would want to bring down a small blog like Blak and Black is beyond me. As soon as the migration to our new host is complete it will be business as usual. ‘Til then I’ll leave readers with the following to ponder.

What regular readers of Blak and Black may not know is that most of the information relating to the misappropriation of monies from the Portfolio came to light in 2002 when management of the Portfolio was transferred back from BSA Limited (“BSA”) to the ACT Revenue Office. At this juncture I am beholden to stress that BSA had absolutely nothing to do with any wrongdoings relating to the Portfolio. In fact, when management of the Portfolio was originally given to BSA by the ACT Government, BSA insisted that the ACT Government sign a memorandum of understanding to the effect that the accounts of the Portfolio did not balance when they assumed its management. For those in the ACT Government who may be wondering where this information originated, it came via the subpoena and Freedom of Information processes that formed part of the basic manoeuvres and machinations underpinning the trial of the former Commissioner for ACT Revenue, which quixotically the ACT DPP would argue was run according to the ‘rule of law’. That is obviously why a senior ACT Department of Treasury employee was overheard by an ACT Department of Treasury Executive Director, Mr Glen Gaskell, saying he was assured by a named ACT DPP Prosecutor that:

“You don’t have to worry about your little boong mate Marky [the former Commissioner for ACT Revenue] suing you for fitting him up. When I’m finished with him he’ll be in the gutter where he belongs with all his other boong mates. You will be able to piss on him as you step over him on your way to work”

Don’t you just love whitefella’s justice!

The former colleague I have been meeting with over the last week or so is a former London police officer turned lawyer and private investigator. She is also a former ‘contractor’ to the Sydney based ‘massage parlour’ that allegedly laundered the allegedly misappropriated funds from the ACT Home Loan Portfolio and provided one of the statements I caused to be sent to the ACT Department of Urban Services in May 2000. As readers will be able to judge for themselves, this issue has a long history of inaction on the part of the agencies tasked with investigating crimes in Australia’s Capital, Canberra. Life’s good if you’re a greedy, corrupt whitefella with some control over the reins of power!

In terms of the evidence I have been reviewing over the last week or so with my former colleague, we are in the process of preparing a brief to send to Transparency International, Moody’s and Standard and Poor’s. The reason for taking this step is that all of these agencies continually rate Australia highly in terms of its efforts in fighting corruption and its credit worthiness. What will come of this, I can’t say, as I don’t know. What I do know is that it’s in the best interests of the Australian and international communities that the full extent of the corruption, racism and denial of justice that is the modern Australian Public Service, legal system and its law enforcement agencies be disseminated as widely as possible within these communities.

Australian Foreign Minister Mr Kevin Rudd MP is currently trumpeting Australia’s democratic credentials to the world in search of votes to secure Australia an undeserved non-permanent seat on the United Nations Security Council. How can a country that resorts to sovereign bribery in order to secure votes be deemed worthy by the international community to sit on the very body that oversees international security? More importantly, how can a country that allows racist invective in its public service to go unchecked, gives corruption a free hand and rewards white public servants for ‘fitting-up’ their Aboriginal colleagues for having the temerity to expect that the ‘rule of law’ be applied equally to black and white be rewarded with a seat on the United Nations Security Council? The very notion that Australia deserves a seat beggars belief. In fact, if Australia was Spanish, Chinese or any other dialect speaking nation, the United Nations would probably have imposed sanctions on us for the more than two centuries war of genocide white Australia was carried on against Aboriginal Australia. Make no mistake, subtle forms of genocide that hide behind a façade of legality is genocide none the less.

How can a country that condones members of its Federal Police Force, the Australian Federal Police, making death threats and racist invective against a three year old child be deemed worthy of representing the multiplicity of cultures that make up the international community on the United Nations Security Council? The three year old child who was threatened at the Sydney newsagency was adopted from Korea. During the assault on me, by two men in possession of Australian Federal Police identification, a number of negative comments were made by my attackers about “slap kids” and “devaluing our cultural heritage”. If racism and xenophobia are Australia’s national cultural heritage, then it deserves to be devalued. But, until that devaluation occurs, Australia should not be rewarded with a non-permanent seat on the United Nations Security Council.

Will you sign the petition calling for a Royal Commission into the Australian Federal Police?


  1. Just one more example to illistrate the point that the AFP are unaccountable to anyone. If they are accountable, then those who they are accountable to are not do their job. The AFP need to be held accountable for their crimes.

  2. I still can’t believe that the two AFP agents threatened a 3 year old child. Why has nothing ever been done about this? As Bill Coe said it another point to ullistrate the fact that the AFP ARE NOT accountable. But, they should be, and be to us, the Australian public.

  3. Let me see we have Moti, Martens, Mullins, Haneef, Courtney, Watt, the Egyptian bloke, Rau, etc, etc, etc all victims of AFP crime. Who in the AFP has been held to account for these crimes? When will Australia wake-up and realise that AFP crimes are eroding our ciliv liberities. If not soon it might become to late.

  4. Bill Wheatley there will be others that we just don’t know about. Some of the people and issues raised on Blak and Black would not have drawn as much attention if they were not kept alive on Blak and Black. We shoulden’t forget to mention Gary Lee Rogers, Corby, Colin Winchester and perhaps Fagan (who knows) all I know is that there are a lot. Something needs to be done or as Bill Wheatley has pointed out, if we the Australian public don’t make a stance, we’ll wake up one morning and have no rights at all in our own country, they will all be in the hands of a corrupt and unaccountable AFP.

  5. It seems that everyone who has commented are in agreement, the AFP are out of control and unaccountable. Though it seems the role of the ALP in all this has been forgotten. I hope the voters of the ACT remember the proceeds of the crime went to the ALP.

  6. Yes Felicity Keen the role of the ALP or at least the ACT Branch of the ALP needs to be investigated. Certain former MLA’s should be charged over conspiring to remove a Statutory Office Holder to cover a crime.

  7. Aussie racism exported to the world via the UNSC, sounds like a good thing, then maybe the blue helmets will come and deal with the genocide going on in Autralia.

  8. Yes David Harrison and Jenifer Trees lets not forget the role of Tanya Taylor and Ernst & Young either.

  9. Many, many things went on with issue starting in about 2000 and continuing to this day. The AFP became involved because the people being investigated for the fraud at ACT Treasury got together and decided the best way to stop any form of investigation was to discredit the investigator. The old attack is the best form of defence. If the AFP were honest there would be a large number of ACT Treasury, past and present, in jail today.

  10. Mahmud Ahsan via Facebook says:

    Paulo Flores thats right, how long the cover up will keep going is anyones guess, but hopefully in time the truth will out. If not I guess that the campaign will keep going and growing until the truth finally rises to the surface.

  11. Mahmud Ahsan in Ausrtralia the truth never outs. Aboriginal Australia has been subjected to an on-going genocide for over 200 years now and people still won’t acknowledge the truth. So what chance does sonething that is a mere 10 years old have?

  12. john smith says:

    I fully agree with you. Too scared to say anything more as I amy be victiimised. But this country is a racist SHIT HOLE.

  13. Anne via Facebook says:

    Tamara, one of the most worrying things is the fact that the child threatened at age three has been threatened again quite recently. He is not even a teenager yet. There is something particularly vile (and I use that word very rarely) about anyone who uses a child as a pawn, no matter what the situation. I have but one word for such people – scum.

  14. Anne via Facebook says:

    Mark’s young relative has been directly and personally threatened again today. The abuse and manipulation continues with the same child still being used as a pawn. Like I said, such manipulators are scum.

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