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AFP implicated in West Papuan genocide

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by: Bakchos
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The following is a media release from Westpapuamedia.info

According to credible local sources in Puncak Jaya, Indonesian troops razed a civilian village while conducting a massive offensive against National Liberation Army guerrillas of Goliat Tabuni.

Undercover local human right sources have claimed that at 1530 local time on December 3, that two platoons from the “Coconut” brigade of Gegana Brimob anti-terrorist police, set fire to a church, houses, and guard houses in the village of Wandenggobak.

Brimob Gegana is a specialised highly mobile bomb and anti-terrorist unit that receives funding, arming and training by the Australian Government, and is trained by the Australian Federal Police at the joint Australia-Indonesian Jakarta Centre for Law Enforcement Cooperation. Standard weaponry used by Gegana include the AusSteyr rifle, manufactured by Australian Defence Industries. It is not known if the flamethrowers used to burn down the church were amongst those supplied by Australia.

The church burning against civilians occurred as reprisal for an attack by Tabuni that left two Brimob officers dead earlier in the day. Gegana Brimob police officers Bripda Ferly and Bripda Eko were killed, with Bripda Syukur being treated for minor thigh grazing.

Civilian casualties have been reported, though not verified at this stage. It is not known if villagers were in any of the buildings, or seeking shelter in the church at the time it was razed by Indonesian police.

These reports are based on contact with two regular and established credible sources. The usual standard for claiming fact verification for West Papua Media is our three independent source rule, but we are still awaiting further detailed reports from the area. Papuan, Indonesian and international journalists have been banned from the area in Puncak Jaya where the offensive is occurring which has been informally declared as a Military Operations Area (Daerah Operasi Militer/ DOM)

The offensive has allegedly started after the guerrilla forces of Tabuni allegedly launched attacks on military targets on December 1, after a massive nonviolent flagraising ceremony in Tingginambut.

However, other credible sources in Wamena have sent appeals saying that Tabuni is close by Wamena. ”After General Tabuni started war on December 1 … Our international highlanders are feeling deeply traumatised … ordinary people are starting to arm themselves with traditional weapons on the streets”, a translated SMS message sent to West Papua Media early on December 4 claimed.

The situation is tense at time of writing. Please stay tuned for further developments.

The Australian Federal Police (“AFP”) turning into an instrument of terror in the Pacific

The salient point in this media release is that the Indonesian military unit responsible for this atrocity receives funding, arming and training from the Australian Government and is trained by the Australian Federal Police at the joint Australia-Indonesian Jakarta Centre for Law Enforcement Cooperation. Standard weaponry used by Gegana include the AusSteyr rifle, manufactured by Australian Defence Industries.

Why would Australia, the Pacific’s bastion of democracy, involve itself with organisations that apparently see no issue in burning churches and murdering unarmed civilians? The answer is twofold and simple. Firstly, Indonesia would probably stop assisting Australia with the object of its paranoid obsessions, boat loads of brown skinned refugees looking for a better life. Obviously White ‘Christian’ Australia remembers only too well what it did 222 years ago to the black skinned original inhabitants of the ‘Great Southern land’. Secondly, Australian commercial interests in West Papua dictate that the Australian Government must help preserve the status quo in Papua, even if that status quo is unjust, in order to protect Australian commercial interests in the area.

In order to help preserve the status quo and protect Australian commercial interests, Australia as it has done in the Solomon Islands, PNG and elsewhere in the Pacific, unleashed the bovver boys in blue – euphemistically known as the Australian Federal Police (“AFP”) – on the innocents of Papua.

By targeting a community’s people, houses and places of worship the Australian trained, funded and equipped Indonesian Military is engaging in what can only be described as cultural genocide on a scale unseen in the Pacific since the Europeans invaded and colonised the Australian continent in 1788. The crimes that the Indonesian military are committing against the innocents of Papua are the same in nature as the crimes that were committed against the indigenous peoples of Australia by the British in 1788. I guess that from White Australia’s perspective these methods are tried and true.

The Australian Labor Party (“ALP”), the political party that supported the Northern Territory Intervention when in opposition and when in government, extended it by a further ten years, in the name of raping the land for the benefit of the Chinese economy and a few wealthy Australian miners, is the same ALP that has now brought the innocents of Papua environmental destruction and genocide. Whatever happened to the Australian ethos of justice and a fair go for all ? Or was that always just hype to justify the unjustifiable – the genocide of Australia’s indigenous peoples in the name of ‘Christian’ brotherhood?

If Australia continues to arm, train and equip a foreign occupying force that is actively engaged in the systematic genocide of a defenceless and occupied people, then it is incumbent on the international community to impose sanctions on Australia as a means of imparting the salutary lesson that a black, brown or yellow life is as important as a white Christian life.

The role of the AFP in the West Papuan Genocide

Australia has since the mid 2002s been exporting its retro-active racism to the rest of the Pacific via the AFP. To date we have seen the role of the AFP in Timor-Leste being criticised by the Portuguese Government and the AFP being used as an unlawful agent of political change in the Solomons. Further, the AFP have caused at least one major miscarriage of justice in PNG by manipulating evidence which caused Captain Fred Martens to be unjustly incarcerated for nearly three years on trumped-up child sex tourism charges. I’ll have more to say on this issue when I receive further information on the prior criminal convictions of one of Martens accusers, who spent time in jail in PNG for defying a court order. This occurred prior to Martens arrest and conviction, but was not disclosed to his defence team by the AFP.

While on the role of the AFP in the Pacific and the manipulation of sovereign states’ rights, the long awaited High Court of Australia (“HCA”) decision in the Julian Moti QC child sex tourism saga is due to be handed down on Wednesday at 10:15 am. Blak and Black will provide details of the HCA’s decision when it becomes available.

Should the HCA decide in Moti’s favour it will open up many questions about the role of the AFP in not only the Solomons, but in the Pacific generally. These questions will, as a matter of natural progression, extend to the on-going involvement of the AFP in the Papuan genocide, which as far as I can tell is being conducted in the name of Mammon!

Finally, I would like to pass on my best wishes to Mr. Moti QC as he awaits the decision of the HCA on the legality of the AFP’s actions in kidnapping him from Honiara and forcibly returning him to Australia to face trial on charges that he had been acquitted of ten years earlier in Vanuatu.




  1. How can Australia continue to say that it is a country dedicated to bringing the rule of law, whatever that is, to the people of the Pacific when it continues to train, equip and fund an organisation that seems to be immune to any notion of justice or law. As this post says, its all done in the name of Mammon or the almighty dollar.

  2. To my West Papuan brothers and sisters make no mistake the genocide that white Christians have delivered to Aboriginal will be repeated in your own lands unless you stand up and demand justice. Speak with one voice and say no to foreign interferance in your lives.

  3. If this isn’t what Bakchos calls complicity I don’t know what is. Wake up Australia, we give them the training, guns and money fuck we’re responsible for what they do with OUR resources. I know all the arguments about if we don’t supply them someone else will. Well so be it, we have to live to the standards that we expect others to live too.

  4. Tom Ashby yes what Australia and the AFP are doing in Papua is complicity and every Australian tax payer has their hands dirty on the issue.

  5. Yes Jenifer Trees and Tom Ashby it is complicity and its wrong and every Australian is guilty!

  6. Money people, its all about money and greed – it’s Wall Street in the Pacific, only here we use guns and knives instead of lawyers and dodgy accountants such as EY!

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