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Our mystery future

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by: Watershedd
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sign_2066490bMohamed is a friend with whom I have conversed now for several years. As a young Eqyptian, he was living in Europe when the Arab Spring uprisings commenced. In that time, he lost a close friend to the destruction of revolution. today, Mohamed lives in Egypt with his family, still hoping for the promise that the Arab Spring carried. He is a talented footballer and dreams of peace so that he can kick a soccer ball with his friends, any friends of any cultural or religious background. This post was written by Mohamed. I have left the formatting as it was received.

Actually I’m not big fan of Politics and to be honest I hate it the most, I used to spend all my day talking about Football, Transfers, Results prediction, Players and many Stuffs like this, until year ago, when Egypt declared Mohamed Morsi as the first chosen President in its History since centuries ago.

We all thought that we are going to enter a new era with a lot of hopes and especially When the president said many motivational Speeches and tried to win our votes and our hearts to be by his side, although I hate the Muslims Brotherhood more than Mathematic, but I chose to be logic and thought wisely and wait until to see something with my own eyes. He began his first days with a Plan called ” Al Nahada ” Which means Development and it would take only 100 days, Sounds great, doesn’t it ? He said, that he is going to improve our Economic & Finanical situations as well as he would raise the Salary to the Workers and Employers, Streets are going to be clean and security is going to be back once again and many Ideas and all of this  In 100 day only !

Can you Imagine that Ladies and Gentlemen ..

And after 1 year nothing happened, but everything get from bad to worse and worse than before like lack service in the electricity and water, rubbish everywhere, No security, statistics of unemployed people raised, actually he messed everything and as you see We aren’t in a good situation and our reputation in the Middle east and Africa isn’t like before and our President stayed cold as Ice No Decisions to be taken or anything like this and he was so Loyal to his Party not to his Country.

So we decided to protest maybe he would make something different but nothing Changed and all over this he his speeches were marvelous cause nobody understood what he wanted to say exactly, So it was Logic to and right decision to protest against him because we aren’t ready to stay like this for 3 years more, and We succeeded in 30th of June, and we had Adly Mansour as a temporally President, so the Brotherhood didn’t like it like this so they began their protest in Cairo and settled in Rabaa before Ramadan month till 5 or 4 days ago when the army chased them and forced them to get out.

The Problem, Which are facing right now is the terrible situation, people killed everywhere and there is a lot of blood spread on the Streets, Brotherhood against the Army and it’s going to be a civil war soon and the Blood is the price and the cheapest one, many young people died and sacrificed with their lives to put Egypt in the forward and to be better but nothing changed, everyday get worse than before I hate killing people it’s not solution even from the Brotherhood Whatever I’m Muslim, Christian, Liberal or Religious in the end we are Egyptians and we are belong to Egypt and we all Brothers together we just need to discuss and talk like Gentlemen and try put efforts for our Country, together we can make our best we don’t need any interference from such a new birth Country like USA or European countries cause simply we have been in many bad situations and get recovered quickly without help and I don’t need to talk about history cause it will need to write a book about it that our Situation now in Egypt and all what I want from Allah is peace and to make it together without any help from any Country that all, and here my Pen stop writing.

P.S : I’m trainee Sport Journalist and I wrote what I see.


  1. AM says:

    Dumb boing cunt, we’ll get you for causing yet more trouble.

    • M.R says:

      Okay You’re More welcome mate, come please and see the Situations and then talk as you like, instead of lying down and doing nothing… you’ve to see first with your own eyes and then talk ..
      Thank you

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