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Ernst & Young comment on Tom Payne

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by: Bakchos
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The following statement published by Ernst & Young on their website and reported on the professional accounting and recruitment site Big4 has come to my attention.The following is a screen shot of the statement exactly as it appears on the Ernst & Young website. (Click on the image to enlarge the comment).

I will respond in detail in the next few days. At the moment, I am in meetings sourcing further and better particulars relating to the ongoing genocide in West Papua, which is being overtly funded and supported by the Australian taxpayer via the Australian Federal Police and the Australian Defence Force’s involvement with organizations such as Detachment 88 and Brimob.

By and large, the genocide is being perpetuated by the Javanese to cement their illegal occupation of West Papua and the theft of its resources. One of the beneficiaries of this theft is the Freeport McMoRan Mine, who’s auditors are none other than Ernst & Young. Anyone associated with Freeport is essentially complicit in the genocide of the West Papuan people.

In the meantime, here are a few comments by some other observers for readers to consider.

Will you sign the petition calling for a Royal Commission into the Australian Federal Police?


  1. Anne via Facebook says:

    Helen’s comment is quite interesting, both from the point of view of Rob Preece and on what EY choose NOT to comment.

  2. As I understand the history of the issues with EY Rob Preece was nothing more than an example of the fact that the statement given by Gillian Morphett to Rowena Penfold of the AFP was inaccurate. Mr Preece held a BA from a WA University in an area unrelated to tax. The Commissioner held a BA And a Dip Ed from Sydney University in an unrelated discipline. The issue is why would Ms Morphett have said that the Commissioner could not have been a tax manager with a BA Dip Ed when his senior Mr Preece held similar qualifications. The other interesting fact about Ms Morphett is that she was the employee at EY who gave Pepe the Commissioners personnel file, albeit in changed format. Pepe in a response to Mr Glen Gaskill Executive Director ACT Treasury stated that EY knew that his request for the commissioners personnel file was personal not official, so why did Ms Morphett say in her letter to Pepe that he was being provided the information pursuant to the National Privacy Principles (NPP) which could have only been the case if it were an official request from a relevant authority, which ACT Treasury was and is not. If Ms Morphett really did know that Pepe’s request was personal then she misrepresented EY in the letter she wrote to Pepe. if not than this is yet another example of a Pepe lie which the AFP have allowed him to get away with for almost a decade. This is RACISM and EY are in the middle of it. BTW Tom Payne I know who you really are and you are indeed a former EY employee. If your so proud of being a white ‘Christian’ racist why not remove your pillow case and expose your true identity to the world – niggers at the EY NYC office and all!

  3. Anne via Facebook says:

    Hey Jen. It’s all quite interesting. I note Bakchos made comment a few times regarding the NPP that “… Ernst & Young could not have legally provided the documents under NPP 10(d) as this provision is specifically for law enforcement agencies and ACT Treasury is not a law enforcement agency for the purposes of the the National Privacy Principles (NPP).” So there’s another manipulation of the system. The link to the post is http://blakandblack.com/2011/01/05/racism-and-corporate-australia-2/

  4. Anne if Morphett really did know that Pepe’s request for the Commissioners personnel file was personal not official then she appears to have misled her own legal department in Sydney. If Morphett believed that Pepe’s request was official then why would a lowly manager in an non-personnel area be making the request? To be fair Dr Foskey the former Greens member in the ACT Assembly was the first to make this observation. Either way it does not explain what Ms Taylor was doing in giving confidential EY information to Pepe in the first place. Ms Taylor as far as I’m aware received a letter from Bradley Allen lawyers advising her not to give Pepe any information on the Commissioner as he was acting ultra viries. Taylor gave information to Pepe about his boss the Commissioner even though she new his request was ultra viries and therefore illegal. If not official racism to which EY was and remains a party, then what is it? Just proves that Pepe was right when he said during his assault on the Aboriginal lady at the Waldorf, “nobody in the AFP or ACT Government cares about Aborigines” effectively meaning that in the ACT and and the Commonwealth Aborigines have no human or civil rights. Now this is RACISM

  5. Mahmud Ahsan via Facebook says:

    Why have the AFP and EY gone to so much trouble to protect a racist? Even the Israelis put their hands up for their human abuses in Palestine, occasionally. What has never come out on Blan and Black on this issues is that Pepe assaulted both the Commissioner and others on ACT Government premises all of which were reported to Tu Pham and nothing was done. Hell she even admitted on the stand in court that the Commissioner complained to her about racism shortly after his appointment. What did she do? Fuck all! WHY? Because Aborigines have no rights in the ACT which is the Capital of Australia. The next issue is what are EY doing with Freeport in Papua, is this yet a further example of anti-black racism by EY?

  6. Anne via Facebook says:

    You get no argument from me, guys. It all stinks to highest Nirvana. Morphett, Taylor, Pepe, Pham, ‘Payne’ – Why the hell did Stanhope, EY and the AFP allow them all to behave this way? I can hear you all screaming the one-word response at me from here! Just let me reach for my ear plugs!

  7. Jenifer Trees I think that you have summed up the issues well!

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